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GUANGZHOU - Guangzhou metro said Friday that starting June 28, the city will have women-only metro carriages. There will be one female carriage for every train on metro line one, which will be reserved for women during rush hours, from 7:30 to 9:30 am, and between 5 to 7 pm on workdays, the metro operator said. During non-rush hours, males can ride in the carriages. "We want to raise awareness of caring for and respecting women," the metro said in a statement. The company will seek public opinion after the test begins and improve the way it works. The women-only carriage is not legally biding, said the statement, as there is no legal basis to have differential treatment on public transit system. "Couples, friends and families may want to stay together, so in this case, it is not suitable to force male passengers out of the carriages," said an official with Guangzhou metro. The city's metro operator made the decision following suggestions from political advisors including Su Zhongyang. Su pointed out the fact that many women complain about rush-hour traffic and say women's generally small stature makes it all the more uncomfortable. "Also, we want to stop any chance of women falling victim to harassment while riding metro," said Su. According to Guangzhou police, 74 sexual harassment cases have been filed in Guangzhou metro since 2015. "I support having a women-only car. At least there won't be any uncomfortable stares when I wear shorts," said a woman who gave her name as Liang. Guangzhou has around 14 million people.
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